International schools in Ajman- Door to explore amazing education opportunities for students

There are a lot of international schools in Ajman that offer a lot of amazing education opportunities to the students. Many parents are now switching to international schools instead of an Emirati school. There are many reasons which include exposure to international atmosphere for a student, the curriculum prepares them to enter into competitions, and the curriculum helps them get good placements worldwide.

schools in ajman
schools in ajman

The parents ignore many aspects while choosing international Royal academy schools in Ajman like how old the school is, curriculum followed in school, the education expenses and the right age group that school is looking at.

1. Schools in Ajman 

The best thing about international schools in Ajman is that they are inspected as well as ranked on regular basis by different authorities in Dubai. Of course when parents decide to get admission for their child in a particular school they should spend some time knowing about the schools and the various education as well as sports related activities they are providing.

royal academy ajman
royal academy ajman

Many international schools in Ajman own a huge campus wherein equal importance is given to academics as well as sports. The educators are trained to develop students in terms of studies as well as socially. The schools promote extra-curricular activities for students to enjoy sports, arts, craft etc.The classrooms in Royal academy schools in Ajman are well equipped and the teachers are specialized in different subjects to help students excel in their respective fields. They also help students learn through hands on activities so that they understand the concepts practically as well as theoretically.

2. Every child is treated equally

Every child is treated equally irrespective of his/her learning abilities and performance. The schools in Ajman strongly believe in developing children in all spheres of life. They want them to be responsible citizens and good human beings. In order to make them good human beings the teachers promote learning sessions that include team work, helping each other, taking care of the environment etc.The students in Royal academy schools in Ajman are taught about the principles and ethics of life right from their childhood so that they create a better world later.

3. Transportation

The international Royal academy schools in Ajman also provide secure transportation facilities to their students. Each school bus has drivers who are certified and female helpers to take care of students while they are commuting by school bus. The parents do not have to worry as the transportation facility is reliable.

4. Science laboratories

The international Royal academy schools in Ajman offer well-equipped laboratories to help students understand the science curriculum practically. Students can also avail the facility provided in IT labs with different ICT resources.

5. Sports

Apart from academics the Royal academy  schools in Ajman also provide enough scope for sports and athletics. This promotes overall development in students. The students can take part in different physical activities or extracurricular activities as per their interests. The schools have basketball, badminton, tennis courts, swimming pools, gymnastics, karate, field and track amenities for long jump, high jump etc.

6. Cafeteria

The international schools in Ajman also provide nutritious and healthy foods in their very own cafeterias so that students get healthy food. In case students opt for meals in school, the school ensures that they get healthy food in school too. Children enjoy eating with their class mates. The school gives utmost importance to the hygiene and thus the food cooked in school kitchen is supervised for hygiene and cleanliness.

7. Music/Art

If your child is interested in music or art, the schools in Ajman also encourage them to theatre performances in dance, music, paintings etc. The schools have well –equipped spaces for performances so that your child gets all the amenities to perform art or music.Some of the schools in Ajman also have boarding facilities. Some of these schools also promote the idea of protecting environment and they teach different ways that the students can follow to save environment. They encourage students to participate in tree plantation day, grow saplings and care for the environment. Some schools also teach them farming that include growing vegetables, plants that yield fruits etc.Various field trips are also arranged to help students step out of the school to see the world outside and experience being in museums, exhibitions, and fair. The students also get to visit orphanages, old age homes etc to know about their life. They often get involved in helping the needy by indulging in various charity programs. In schools in Ajman the students are not only encouraged to excel in studies but also be good human beings.

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