List of 20 Schools in ajman Fees 2018

List of 20 Best Schools in ajman Fees 2018, With a populace of 238,000, Ajman is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates UAE situated along the Arabian Gulf. Ajman has a portion of the UAE’s vacation spots including lodgings, shopping and social goals which draw in explorers. The Ajman National Museum arranged at Ajman Fort, the Red Fort, and the Manama galleries are among the best traveler destinations in the emirate of Ajman.SCHOOLS IN AJMAN1st. Ajman Academy School2nd. Avalon Heights World Private School3rd. The Royal Academy Ajman4th. British International School Ajman5th. International Indian School Ajman6th. Abu Obaidah Bin Al Jarrah Private School7th. Ajman Modern School8th. Ajman National School9th. Ajman Private School10th. Al Ahlia Charity School for Girls11th. Al Ameer English School12th. Al Aqsa Private School13th. Al Hikma Private School14th. Al Iman Private School15th. Al Karama Private School16th. Al Manama Private School Ajman17th. Al Mushairef Model School18th. Al Nouamia Private School19th. Al Saad Indian School20th. Al Sateh Primary SchoolFor guardians looking for more affordable contrasting options to schools in Dubai, Ajman offers an advantageous area neighboring Sharjah and the Northern Emirates. With its solid Emirati understudy base, schools in Ajman furnish kids with a chance to learn a great deal more about the neighborhood culture, and in addition an instructive adventure of the assorted societies and dialects in the UAE

School name   Tel School fees
Abu Obaidah Bin Al Jarrah Private School  +971-6-7433222 6,500-11,000
Ajman Academy School  +971-6-7314444 30,000-57,000
Ajman Intermediate English School  +971-6-7426015 1,250-2,150
Ajman Modern School  +971-6-7431168 10,000-19,825
Ajman National School  +971-6-7436444
Ajman Private School  +971-6-7480444
Al Ahlam Indian Private School  +971-6-7487800
Al Ahlia Charity School for Girls  +971-6-7442929
Al Ameer English School  +971-6-7436600 3,300-6,200
Al Aqsa Private School  +971-6-7438449 7,000-12,200
Al Hikma Private School  +971-6-7464040 5,000-12,000
Al Iman Private School  +971-6-7490100 5,700-6,500
Al Karama Private School  +971-6-7434446
Al Manama Private School Ajman  +971-6-8827808
Al Mushairef Model School
Al Nouamia Private School  +971-6-7464820
Al Saad Indian School  +971-6-7426213 1,750
Al Sateh Primary School  Not found
American School Ajman  planned
Avalon Heights World School  +971-6-7423222 17,000-21,000
Azhar Al Mustaqbal School Ajman  +971-6-7446166
Bloomington Academy Ajman
British International School Ajman  +971-6-7424440 10,000-16,000
Deans International School Ajman  renamed 12,852-20,518
Delhi Public School Ajman  planned?
Future Flowers Private School  +971-6-7448899 4,500-5,500
Habitat Private School Ajmanr  +971-6-7315151
Indian School Ajman  +971-6-7437477 2,500-4,500
International Indian School Ajman  +971-6-7408333
Manar Al Eman Charity School  +971-6-7433899
Model Private School Ajman  +971-6-7421242
National Charity School Branch Ajman  +971-6-7470137
Omadaa International School  +971-6-7434446 12,852-20,518
Omar Bin Al Khattab Pakistan School  +971-6-7467634 2,400-5,100
Pakistan Islamia Secondary School Ajman  +971-6-7434374 3,100-6,650
Prince English School Ajman  +971-6-7420720
Rashidiya Islamic School  +971-6-7425593 2,500
The First Academy Ajman  planned
The Royal Academy Ajman  +971-6-7494449

1st. Ajman Academy Schoolajman academy school ajman uaeCurriculum:IB , Founded: 2012 , Fees: 30000 – 64350 AED , Address : Mowaihat / Tallah 2 / Ajman. Located 2 minutes from the E311 at Sheikh Ammar Bridge2nd. Avalon Heights World Private SchoolAvalon height School AjmanCurriculum: British, Founded: 2015, Fees: 20000 – 20000 AED, Address: Al – Hamidiya 13rd. The Royal Academy Ajman

royal academy ajman
royal academy ajman

Curriculum: CBSE, Founded: 2012, Address: Al Hamidiya,4th. British International School Ajmanbritish enternational schools ajmanCurriculum: IGCSE, UK EYFS , Founded: 2014, Address: Al Nuaimia, Behind Safeer Mall5th. International Indian School Ajmaninternational indian school ajmanCurriculum: CBSE, Founded: 2002, Address: Al Jurf 2 – Near Ajman City Centre6th. Abu Obaidah Bin Al Jarrah Private SchoolAbu Obaida Bin Al Jarah Private SchoolCurriculum: Arabic, Islamic, Fees: 6500 – 11000 AED, Address: Al Jarf, Al Zahra school zone7th. Ajman Modern Schoolajman modern schoolCurriculum: American, Arabic, Islamic , Founded: 2005, Fees: 9360 – 22400 AED, Address: Al Jarf area8th. Ajman National Schoolnational school ajmanCurriculum: Arabic, Indian, Fees: 30000 – 30000 AED, Address: Shaikh Rashid Bin Abdul Aziz Aaemi St9th. Ajman Private Schoolajman private schoolCurriculum: MOE, Founded: 1985, Address: Al Jarf, Al Zahra school zone10th. Al Ahlia Charity School for Girlsajman private schoolCurriculum: Arabic, Islamic, Founded:1983, Address: Al Bustan11th. Al Ameer English Schoolal-ameer-english-school ajmanCurriculum: CBSE, Founded: 1991, Address: Al Zahra schools area behind Ajman City Center12th. Al Aqsa Private Schoolal-aqsa-private-schoolCurriculum: Arabic, Islamic , Founded: 1998, Address:  Al Jarf, Al Zahra school zone13th. Al Hikma Private Schoolal-hikma-private-school ajmanCurriculum: Arabic, Islamic, MOE, Founded: 1992, Fees: 5000 – 12000 AED,  Address: Al Naimia14th. Al Iman Private SchoolCurriculum: Arabic, Islamic , Fees: 5700 – 6500 AED, Address: Al Zahra15th. Al Karama Private SchoolCurriculum: Arabic, Islamic, Address: Al Zahra16th. Al Manama Private School AjmanCurriculum: Arabic, Islamic, Address:  Al Dhaid17th. Al Mushairef Model SchoolCurriculum: MOE, Address: Musaffah,12th sector18th. Al Nouamia Private SchoolCurriculum: Arabic, Islamic19th. Al Saad Indian SchoolCurriculum: Indian , Fees: 1750 – 1750 AED, Address: Al Nakheel, Al Rumailah,20th. Al Sateh Primary SchoolFounded: 2006

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