How To Help Someone Cope In A Relationship When They’ve Had A Major Injury

How To Help Someone Cope In A Relationship When They’ve Had A Major Injury, Everything about the relationship changes when it goes through a major traumatic event. For instance, when an injury starts to interfere the relationship, the whole situation will now become more overwhelming and painful for the both of them. The adjustments will not be easy as you have to deal with the other partner’s emotional well-being. While the process appears to be a challenging experience, some ways can help someone cope with a relationship when they’ve had a major injury.

Relationship as Affected by a Major Injury 

Remember, a major injury can adversely impact a relationship. At some point, recovery from the aftermath of being injured will be more difficult because of the emotional distress experienced by the injured partner. For example, injury survivors tend to isolate themselves from their loved ones and friends. Should you feel the need to help someone you know deal with a relationship, it’s essential to discover how injuries can affect relationships:


  1. It can alter relationship roles


Defining relationship roles is common among couples. It’s an essential process that each of them must take full responsibility. Take note that a relationship is a give-and-take affair. But when an injury begins to change everything about your roles, a problem is more likely to result giving the partner injured a difficult time to make necessary adjustments.

  1. It can affect good communication

Communication is a key to a healthy relationship. Without it, couples will not be able to channel their emotions and physical gestures towards their partners. While it’s considered as a strong foundation in a relationship, communicating with someone injured can be very frustrating, thereby causing feelings of hopelessness, loneliness and even misunderstandings. In turn, they will tend to walk away and decide to leave everything behind including unresolved arguments.

  1. It can impact responsibilities

It’s quite stressful when responsibilities in a relationship start to change as a result of a significant injury. Apart from the stress brought about by the sudden shift of responsibilities, it can make the whole relationship shaky as tension between couples begins to escalate.

Helping someone injured cope in a relationship

As presented in this article earlier, an injury can either make or break a relationship. Depending on the circumstances, some partners may fail at overcoming the struggles brought about by a major injury. Here’s how to help someone injured maintain a good relationship:

  1. Seek support from family and friends. Support coming from loved ones and friends can go a long way in helping someone injured to heal and recover.
  • It’s also important that an injured victim can look forward to during their healing and recovery process. In this kind of situation, it’s best to encourage their loved ones to be emotionally and physically present for their needs.
  • Tell them to be more patient and sensitive when it comes to their family member’s emotional and psychological well-being.
  • By doing this, you’ll be able to help them establish a healthy surrounding essential for their recuperation.
  1. Assist them in applying positive coping strategies. It’s just but a normal feeling for someone suffering from a major injury to resort to harmful coping methods as they go on with their lives.
  • For instance, excessive worrying, self-blaming and even wishful thinking are the negatives you must be concerned about with someone who has been injured in an accident.
  • Due to these not-so-good feelings, the relationship they have with someone else can become unhealthy, which is why applying positive coping strategies can remedy the situation.

Below are some ways by which some positive coping strategies are helpful in a relationship:

  1. a) Think positive as always.
  2. b) Help them in establishing their long and short-term life goals.
  3. c) Let them enjoy the benefits of doing recreational activities.
  4. d) Assist them in getting things done properly and quickly.
  5. e) Make things more accessible and manageable for them.
  6. f) Help them solve the problem by thinking of some possible solutions.
  7. g) Make them feel that they are always safe and that they
  8. Don’t forget to listen. When someone you know has been injured, feelings of frustrations and helplessness are daunting them.
  • The situation is sometimes tough as they usually prefer to be alone and for that reason, their relationship is more likely at risk.
  • If these instances continuously affect them, maybe it’s about time that you listen to them with patience and understanding. That way, you’ll be able to show them that you’re someone whom they can lean on in times of sadness and hopelessness.
  • Moreover, be more aware of their feelings by not criticizing their thoughts and even their bad behaviors. Try to be more understanding as much as you can.
  1. Be there as always. It’s a terrifying feeling when you see someone you love fighting off the feelings of unhappiness, anxiety and pain and suffering because of a major injury.
  • Well, similar feeling can be felt when you begin losing your relationships. During these challenging times, it’s a good idea to be there always for them.
  • Don’t leave them behind and make sure that you’ll always be part of their recovery. Your comfort and encouragement will mean a lot to them.

Relationships are the most affected ones when there’s a major injury. With all the trauma possibly experienced by the accident survivors, relationships tend to become a sacrificial lamb. But by keeping this information in mind, you may be able to help someone cope and survive the difficulties in a relationship even after a major injury. In the end, you should keep in mind that having an injury is only a test that both partners must have to overcome over time. If you have found your injury, like a spinal cord injury, has been caused by someone else, it’s important to seek legal advice.

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