Women who are very good in bed usually do 7 things in sex

Sex is also health. It is necessary to explore and discover their sexuality and for that, the best way to learn is still testing. This concept is unanimous between women and men who rule well in bed.In order to conquer unforgettable sex, we have identified some common practices made by women who understand very well the subject.Sexiest women in the world

Things Good Bed Women Do: They know that they also have the right to pleasure

In sex, one must worry about the pleasure of the other without nullifying his own. The women who best understand the subject are those who assume their sexuality and see no problem in exploiting it, on the contrary.Instead of just being concerned about pleasing the partner, they think of erotic games and fun and different ways of reaching orgasm with the other person – and even alone.how to be good in bed

They can interpret the body and the reactions of the other Knowledge is power.

Sex is fun and enjoyment, but to reach the pinnacle, it takes dedication and attention to the body’s bodily details and responses to caresses and sexual stimulation. In addition to increasing and strengthening the complicity between the couple, this will also help the parties to understand where the couple’s most ecstatic points are.

 Not worried about what the other person might think about your body

Many women worried about their bodies tend to be insecure when it comes to sex. The idea of ​​being naked in front of someone else can frighten some people. However, for those who really know how to satisfy themselves in bed, this is nothing more than an unimportant detail. The concern with the physique, with the faces and mouths, can make the person stay withdrawn, disrupting the whole thing. When it comes to sex, you need to focus 100% of your energy on giving and feeling pleasure.sex in the bedroom

They perform in the other the caresses that give them pleasure

The woman who does well in sex is not the one who knows the techniques for an unforgettable oral or knows all the positions of the Kama Sutra. It is the one that surrenders completely to the moment. What she does, she does with great pleasure. This is the true secret of unforgettable sex.

Can hear what the partner wants

However, although they are empowered over their own pleasure, they know that sex is an exchange. If there is no mutual concern to give and receive pleasure, the sex may even be good, but it will never be unforgettable.

 Do not be intimidated by gafes in the hour H and neither feel shame

Life does not imitate the cinema, and sometimes even the most planned night can present some unforeseen, and that’s okay. Real-life sex can be messy many times over, but truly good bed-women find it funny – laughing at yourself is one of the greatest sexual attractions ever.sex on the bed

 They know their own body and know the way of their own pleasure.

Very well-settled, women who understand everything about sex talk about it, look for information and tips on how to spice up the relationship, and do not hide that they like pleasure – be it solitary or two. And they definitely have no modesty about masturbation. See also what very good bed men usually do in sex.Sex Tips for Men and Women:

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