5 Social Media Post Automation Tools For 2018

5 Social Media Post Automation Tools For 201

Post automation tools are insanely useful. They save you the most valuable resource – time. The modern world leads a fast-paced life. Every waking moment contributes to personal and marketing strategy success.

A successful marketing strategy has a healthy social media presence. The brand shares your message with your audience with little or no disruption. To do this, you may seek advice and assistance from a well-performing digital agency Philippines. The agency responds to your customers, helps generate content, and manage your social presence.

Still, you can do this work by yourself. All you need are the right tools make social media management a full-time job. Below are some social media post automation tools widely used in 2018 to utilize for the job.

1. Agora Pulse

It’s a social media dashboard to check messages and schedule content across six social media network – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube. It features GIF scheduling and evergreen content resharing. When you schedule a post on a platform, you have three buttons to choose from – “Schedule Once,” “Repeat content,” and “Schedule again.” If you click on ‘repeat content,’ a drop-down button comes out where you can choose your republishing hours. You can publish every hour up to 9 hours max. You can also set the frequency of posts. It also supports post tags.

2. Buffer

Buffer has a cleaner and lean interface than Hootsuite. Its free version allows you to connect one account from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and App.net. If you have group pages or a separate business page, you must subscribe to its ‘Awesome’ plan to have ten profiles connected.

Besides the usual schedule and post queuing system, it has a ‘Suggestions’ tab with links related to your posts. The feature makes content curation a breeze. There’s an “Add” button on the right side of the window to quickly add the content to your queue. Furthermore, you can discover the potential of your post to gain a follower in the ‘Analytics’ tab.

3. Buzzsumo

The tool is beneficial to content marketing and competitive content research. It helps marketers discover trending topics on the keyword or search phrase. It tracks all social platforms to generate a filtered result of published content based on location, domain authoritt, and social platform.

It also enables you to plow through the site’s backlinks, discover websites accepting guest posts, and alert clients to ant changes related to the searched term. It provides analysis on the content of the keyword and relevant terms across platforms based on content type, word count, number of shares, and among others. Most of all, it links you to influencers. These influencers can be a source of content or a place to push and share your existing content.

4. CoSchedule

The automated social posting tool connects you all your social account as well as WordPress. It caters to two types of profiles – personal (accessed by one author) and team profiles (accessed by the public).

CoSchedulee has a social calendar where you can create 60 posts at once. It supports new content, social campaign, blog post, event, note, task or social message. On separate posts, you can customize what you will say on each post to answer queries. It is also useful in providing customer support.

Other than these features, it can analyze which previously published content worked with audiences.

5. SproutSocial

Marketed as a complete social media toolkit, SproutSocial has impressive features other than content posting. Its user-friendly interface enables seamless customer engagement. The comments and private messages from the social profile or group page appear in one stream. It removes opened messages and comments. It also responds to keyboard shortcuts making it easy to send replies to user queries. It’s email feature also supports translation.

The tool is also useful for social listening to track keywords and identify influencers. You can calculate the overall reach of your content through its built-in analytics and gain leverage over competitors.

These five social media post automation tools are few of the most popular among the bunch. Consider your needs to find which performing tool will satisfy you. Hopefully, these five tools help you make an informed decision on which one suits your social media needs. Some tools perform beyond post automation so look into each before spending on the full version.

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