3 menu ideas for Christmas supper (you choose: practical, cheap or sophisticated)

Who says that every year has to be the same? The protocol of the holidays, the decoration and even the menu of the Christmas dinner? Next, find three different menu suggestions that go both at lunch and dinner: a handy menu, a cheaper menu and a more sophisticated menu.   

Christmas menus  ideas

1. Practical menu 

  • Greek
  • salad
  • Bacalhoada
  • stuffed turkey
  • Christmas cake

Greek Cucumber Salad Recipe Prepare a refreshing salad of cucumber, yogurt, fresh mint, lemon and garlic. Note the step by step of the Greek cucumber salad. Recipe of bacalhoada with mandioquinha Place cod slices and some baking vegetables in the oven topped with seasonings, olives and coconut milk. See how easy it is to make the bass with a little guitar. 

Stuffed turkey recipe

Separate large onions, carrots and stalks of chopped celery to stuff the Christmas turkey. Understand how to prepare turkey stuffed with vegetables.

Garnished Christmas Cake Recipe

A cake batter that carries natural yogurt, orange juice and candied fruit, covered in an irresistible white icing. Learn how to prepare your Christmas cake. 

2. Western menu

western menu
      western menu 
  • Chicken salami
  • Stuffed roasted meat
  •  Crumbs of christiman
  • Pork leg
  • French toast  

Chicken Salad Recipe The classic refreshing chicken salad with mayonnaise carries chard, apple, mango and carrot. Discover the simple step by step of the chicken salpicão. 

 Stuffed roasted meat recipe Stuff soft steaks with ham and cheese, chopped tomatoes and chives to taste. Here’s how to make stuffed roast beef. 

 Seasoned Farofa Recipe Season the Christmas farofa with bacon, black olives, pineapple and raisins. Note how the farofa is prepared. 

 Christmas pudding recipe Prepare a marinade with white wine, oil, pepper to taste, purple and white onion, bay leaf and rosemary, which will help not to dry the shank. Read how to bake the Christmas shank.

French toast recipe To prepare the traditional Christmas slice, separate the yolks from the egg and beat with milk, cream and cinnamon. Discover how to make the classic french toast. 

3. Sophisticated menu  

Sophisticated menu
Sophisticated menu  
  • Caprese salad
  • Cod pie
  • roast lamb
  • Christmas truffles

Caprese salad recipe

All you need is tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, alfavaca and olive oil. Note the step by step of the elegant caprese salad.

Recipe for cod pie

You will need desalted cod, carrots, onions, tomatoes, grated cheese and sour cream, plus milk, wheat flour and butter. Here’s how to make the cod pie.

Roasted lamb recipe

Use garlic and black pepper to season the lamb shank, which needs to be roasted wrapped in foil. Note the step by step of the roast lamb.

Christmas truffle recipe

Truffles stuffed with Christmas bring candied fruits, raisins, and panettone tastes. Read the preparation mode of the truffles.

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