3 Amazing Health Benefits  And Common Uses Of Black Cumin Seed

Health Benefits  And Common Uses Of Black Cumin SeedA herb with virtually no side-effect, is a boon to medical world. Black cumin seed, commonly known as Nigella Sativa, is one such plant which is known to have minimal side effects.Prophet Mohammad once said, “There is healing in Black Seed for all diseases except death.” So we can imagine, how useful it isNothing short of a botanical wonder, black cumin seed is practically unmatched in terms of its healing properties. It is believed to aid number of health conditions.Let us find out more –Health Benefits 

  1. Helps in Weight Loss

Many of us struggle to shed those extra kilos. We know that increasing weight is only going to add to our health woes with growing age. So we keep on experimenting various things.Little do we know that black cumin seeds have some excellent properties that can help reduce weight.Black cumin seeds help in losing extra fat naturally. It curbs the craving for carbohydrates. It also reduces appetite for unhealthy foods, maintaining right glucose levels in the body.Being a natural antioxidant, it is known to aid in boosting up metabolism too.

  1. A Natural Pain Killer

It’s difficult to bear and live with pain. Prolonged pain anywhere in the body can result in inflammation.Use of black seed oil is found to be effective in dealing with it. It contains, thymoquinone and thymohydroquinone, the two most potent chemicals responsible for healing.Black cumin seed’s anti inflammatory properties also makes it ideal for treating pain.It is also known as an effective antibacterial, anti-Inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-diabetic remedy.Even for inflammations like encephalomyelitis, colitis, peritonitis and arthritis, black cumin seeds is known to work wonders.

  1. Black Cumin Seed and Cancer

If all this is not enough, black cumin has more in its store. It is regarded as one of the most powerful anti-carcinogenic herbs in existence.Studies have shown that regular intake of black cumin seed can help in preventing the growth and spread of colon cancer cells.Being a powerful herbal remedy, it is known to improve body’s defense mechanism and protection against bacteria.In fact, black cumin helps to stimulate the activity of neutrophil granulocytes, the most abundant type of white blood cells in the body. They are responsible for targeting cancer cells and thus eliminating them before they can develop into tumors.Black seed is found to be extremely effective in preventing and treating other types of cancers too. Colon, brain, breast, Leukemia and even Oral cancer.Common Uses of Black Cumin Seed

  1. Food And Black Cumin Seed 

Apart from being an effective health remedy, black cumin seed is an incredible spice too. It contains wide range of nutritional and phytochemicals components to produce complex physiological response in the human body.having a spicy, nutty flavor, black cumin can be sprinkled whole or ground up on various foods, making them nutrition rich superfoods. The oil is generally used on salads and other dishes.The seeds can also be ground and added to water to create a mucilaginous gel. This gel can be drunk or used as an egg replacement in gluten-free and flour-free baking.Being healthy in nature, it adds a beautiful aroma and flavour to food recipes that is hard to resist. It is used to stir fried vegetables and even used in savouriesApart from making dishes delicious, It is loaded with amino acids, crude fibre, carbohydrates, vitamin and essential mineralsFor several years, black seeds were used as food preservative too. In fact, if you keep an oil of black cumin at home, it will take care of your health and niggling problems.

  1. Cannabis And Black Cumin Seeds

Black seeds and cannabis sativa come from the same botanical family of the sativa species.Although they are two different plants, they have immense healing properties and share similar attributes from remedial standpointWe need to study these in detail to find out what more they have in store for mankind.The use of nigella and cannabis as a health remedy can be traced back at least 3000 years. The both have been used for treating various diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Asthma, etc.

  1. Wine And Black Cumin Seed

The seed of black cumin with wine is a great remedy against shortness of breath, if taken in moderation.Whether taken in wine or water, black cumin seeds are highly effective in killing worms. It is an amazing remedy for cleansing, drying and heating too.It takes away freckles, scarfs, and hard swellings, being laid on when mixed with vinegar.Upshot –Today, we live in 21st century where we benefit so much from the modern day medical science. This has certainly outweighed the enormous potential these wonder plants carry.Imagine how ancient world used to deal with day-to-day ailments. They only had these magic herbs to pick from and still did wonderfully well in terms of sustainable health.Be it normal fever or a deadly disease like Cancer, the amount of value they offer is simply amazing. It’s high time we revived old allys!Author/Bio Sara O Brown is a working mom, lives with her dentist husband and her adorable dog, Casper. She is passionate about traveling and cooking. She has been a regular contributor for https://www.findrarewhisky.com/whiskylife/

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