12 Incredible Reasons to Visit India!

Incredible Reasons to Visit India : We could list 100 reasons to visit India and it still wouldn’t be enough! If you’ve never been to India but have always wondered ‘why I want to visit India’ then this one is just for you. There is a ton of travel articles Indian destinations grace and with good reason. India is among the most fascinating and beautiful travel destinations ever and deserves to be on the bucket list of avid travelers across the world. If you haven’t been to India yet, you’re missing out on exploring one of the most incredible world destinations.

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Top reasons you should visit India ASAP!

Do not travel to India. You may have heard this before especially if you happen to be a solo female traveler. But every country has its good and bad and India is no different. You are as safe here as you are in your own country. Forgo the reasons not to visit India, take a few essential safety precautions and you are good to go! For those who’ve wondered ‘why do foreigners prefer to visit India’ and are thinking about making the trip themselves, here are incredible reasons for you to take that plunge.

  1. It’s very cheap

This is among the topmost reasons to visit India as it’s one of the cheapest travel destinations in the world. There are cheap places to stay in India, eating out costs next to nothing, and you can travel across the country via trains at incredibly low fares. It’s an awesome value destination which unfailingly offers you your money’s full worth. You can travel cheaply or luxuriously across India without it burning holes in your wallet.

  1. The Taj Mahal!

Quite possibly the world’s most famous monument, the spectacular Taj Mahal alone warrants you to visit to India. The sublime architecture of this sparkling white marble structure, the serene ambiance in which to explore it, and the thrill of first laying eyes on it is unmatchable! The Taj Mahal alone makes India popular tourist destination in ways one cannot imagine. This is one of the best reasons to visit India.

  1. Food here is quite awesome

It will be challenging to find another country offering a range of cuisine as diverse as India. This is one of the most incredible India reasons to visit. ‘Typical Indian cuisine’ is an illusion as each corner of India has its own specialty. Foodies will have a blast trying out the smorgasbord of delicious regional dishes that go beyond the typical Indian dishes of Chicken Tikka and butter Naan. Book a couple of cheap last minute flights and come to gorge on some of the best Indian food ever!

  1. Spirituality

India is the one place people turn to across the world in their quest for self-discovery and spirituality. It is the very essence of India and the country breeds spiritualism in unfathomable ways. This is among the top reasons to visit India and there are scores of spiritual centers here one can explore. Some of the most popular ones include Rishikesh, Pushkar, Bodhgaya, Haridwar, Dharamshala, Banaras, and Auroville.

  1. Incredible wildlife

We’ve all read about Rudyard Kipling’s wildlife adventures in India and to experience it will beat any other experience you will ever have. Take a tour of the national parks and sanctuaries across Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and parts of South India to witness firsthand the incredible wildlife India is home to. You can spot the Royal Bengal Tiger, Rhinos, Asian Elephants, Sambar, Rufous-bellied Hawk Eagles, and Asiatic Lions among other animals. This stunning wildlife forms an important part of the best reasons to visit India.

  1. Shop until you drop!

One of the top reasons to visit India is that this is among the best shopping destinations in the world! India is a shopaholic’s paradise and you should head over to the street markets and grab amazing discounted deals on all types of items. Visit and shop for handicrafts in Jaipur, fashionable clothes and jewelry in New Delhi, cotton and other textiles in Chennai, and Lacquer-work bangles in Hyderabad. Do remember to bargain as there is no real fixed price for anything.

  1. The Golden Triangle Tour

An awesome introduction to three of the most stunning Indian cities, this is one of the most famous tours in India you can take. Forming the basis of the classic northern India tour, these places are incredible to explore. The tour includes a visit to the Taj Mahal and the very famous Ranthambore National Park. This tour is one of the best ways to explore some of the most spectacular historical places in India.

  1. Festivals and Yoga

Rightly the Yoga Capital of the World, India is also renowned for hosting some of the most colorful and vibrant festivals ever! While yoga is found in pretty much every corner of the country and is one of the top reasons to visit India, the festivals are not far behind. From the colorful Holi festival to the festival of lights Diwali, visit and be a part of some of the most incredible festivals in India. Depending on your budget, grab a few cheap economy or business class flights and come to experience the magic that is India!

  1. Trekking the gorgeous Himalayas

Possibly the most popular trekking destination ever, the mesmerizing Himalayas lure scores of avid trekkers from across the world. Running along the eastern border of India for more than 2,400 km, the Himalayas are home to many of the world’s highest mountains. While Mount Everest remains a top favorite, there are other awesome trekking ranges offered on the Indian portion of this spectacular and epic mountain range. This is among the top reasons to visit India for trekkers.

  1. Cultural and traditional diversity

The people that call India home belong to diverse religions and sects thereby, making India a melting pot of diverse cultures. Each sect of people follows different traditions while living in harmony with those that do not belong to their sect. This diversity is seen in India’s varied cuisine, architectural multifariousness, and the scores of languages spoken here. Visit and expect to be hit by culture shock in different places of India.

  1. Indian hospitality

Atithi devo bhava. Meaning ‘guests are akin to God,’ this is a Sanskrit saying which is taken very seriously across India. When you visit, you will experience firsthand the warm hospitality Indians are famous for. You will be treated no less than family and may even be offered a place to stay by friendly locals. Experiencing Indian hospitality is one of the best reasons to visit India and is among the top things that will make your trip very special.

  1. It’s a life-changing experience

Like no other in the world, India is a unique travel destination and will shock you in ways you cannot imagine. From the busy, crowded lanes in Mumbai or Delhi to the secluded and tranquil hill station retreats in the northern region, each part of India will offer you a new and unique experience. You will make new friends, eat great food, learn to accept diversity wholeheartedly, and make amazing memories that will last a lifetime! The reasons to visit India are endless and the country will never cease to amaze you. Book cheap flights with indian eagle and travel to India now!

Meta Description – From scores of reasons to visit India, we listed the top few just for you! Every traveler wishes to stay back here and there is a ton of incredible India reasons why. From epic architecture and awesome wildlife to diverse cultures and delicious cuisine, there are myriad reasons to visit India.



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